What does it mean-he called me "cutie pie" for the first time?

We've been dating for almost 8 or 9 months, he usually calls me "cutie" but for the first time he called me "cutie pie"-is it just me or is this more lovey dovey? lol also he recently agreed not to see other girls but we are not official boyfriend and girlfriend because he's not ready yet.

  • Yes-means he's getting closer to you and likes you alot!
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  • He likes you the same
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  • Just a casual, friend term!
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  • Hard to tell
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  • He is getting closer to you and he likes you.


What Girls Said 1

  • Really? He added A word to an affectionate phrase? Ah, try not too over-analyze it, because clearly he's just giving an affectionate compliment. It doesn't mean there is a significant shift in the way he feels, and overthinking every word he says will only drive you crazy.

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