Why is he suddenly acting so cold towards me?

There is a guy a met last month.We were flirting with each other very often that things went quiet fast.Every night he will text me and lovey dovey conversation.He is younger than me 2 years.He says he doesn't mind..all of a sudden 3 days ago he sudden act cold towards me.No more darling etc..no more flirting..speak to me so formal..-.-..no more kisses etc..y?what the hell did I did now?


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  • He could be getting frustrated because it isn't going further. He could also be feeling like you are in control and now he's trying to regain that. The best way to get things back on track is make him want you. When he txt's you, wait at least 20 minutes before responding. Then be completely nice in your response. Try not to get lovey dovey in your messages but be to the point. If you are thinking about him, let him know.

    There is a good chance he is seeing someone else. A common way for guys to try to end a relationship is to take the easy way out - be a jerk. If he comes back a few days or weeks later and is trying to be his old self again, then you'll know he was seeing someone else and it didn't work out.

    • He stop reply me already...;-(..guess you say tht he is seeing someone else I more likely to be....

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