Guy has stood me up two weekends in a row?


What kind of guy is this--is he an abuser? we first met and he wanted to hang every single day. Then, one day he got weird and sort of controlling and decided to not go to any restaurants we agreed on and just took me home. Saturday, he said his dad had to go to the hospital.. right when we were supposed to meet. It was obvious he was lying. He said he'd text later but never did. He did in the morning. I was upset and asked him if it was true. So he goes from hanging out all the time to standing me up.. then threatened to stop talking to me when i confronted him.

He admitted he was sexually frustrated. We talk again and even get intimate one day. Again on the weekdays he wants to hang out all the time but we only did twice. Saturday comes around. We have plans, he even says how much he wants to see me and come earlier. Yes he didn't sleep that night I think, but at 6:30pm he disappears and at 11pm he texts me. He says he fell asleep and if he can come over now. I went out of town upset. He then asks if im going to see my ex--my ex who i haven't seen in a month who was a psycho.. it upset me... first he stood me up, then accuses me of seeing my ex.

he ruined my whole weekend twice- i did nothing except get upset.. he didn't see me Sunday then- he was still picking fights with me and said he went out of town with his brother in law. I was even more upset then. Apparently, on weekends he stands me up and thinks it's ok. Then he said "maybe we shouldn't talk anymore" i said thats a mature way of handling something. He's the one that harps on how he wants a relationship.. but he's lying manipulative worse, he's mia on the weekends and screws me over.. he even accused me of playing games. what kind of jerk is this... cheating? lying.. idiot crazy?
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he says "im getting older and want a relationship- i dont just want to mess around or talk to someone." i think you'd make a great partner. I said oh really a partnership is you standing someone up on the weekends constantly? at least u can say ur doing something.. but its like he wants me to do nothing and wait on him and screw me over. Then he said i was a liar and playing games.. i ask him what he does on the weekends like wtf..
Guy has stood me up two weekends in a row?
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