Have any of you ran into an old crush years later? How did it turn out?

I just did and realized I still have a crush on her. Dang.


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  • Yeah I did. Turned out the idiot liked me too (a little too late). I rejected him and moved on.

    • Did you reject him solely on the basis that you didn't have a crush on him anymore?

    • I rejected him because for a year I was attracted to him and he didn't do shit (neither did I, but I was a teen lol). I saw him last summer and he tried to get my phone number an I could see he was interested.

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  • They seemed to be into me. I wasn't.


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  • Didn't like her anymore. Realized I was stupid for having a crush on that person.

    I'm not a believer in crushing on anyone if I'm not willing to be proactive and ask her out.

  • No, and hopefully never again lol.

    • That bad, huh? lol

    • I did her wrong although we werent exclusive, so technically I didn't do her wrong, but morally? Yeah I did. I then spent months trying to fix it, taking a toll on my mental state, while trying to follow my career. Never again will I waste so much time and effort with a girl. She had played games with me, and got into my head for her own benefits in the early stages (being wanted and a relationship), although her actions were against that. The stuff she would tell me during our phone convos!!. A bunch of red flags I should have noticed but avoided in the early stages. Now you know. Never again. She was the first girl I felt something for but I slipped up (morally, not technically) and was honest with her. Never again