Why don't women date Asian men?

I mean, white girls, black girls, Latina girls, and especially, ASIAN girls! I know there are even sociological statistics taken that prove this, so please don't tell me, "I have an Asian friend and he dates EVERYONE." I know they exist out there (even I have only dated white and black women), but it's REALLY hard to find them.

This question is coming from a guy who is pretty confident in himself, is not BAD-looking, and whom most people say is an intelligent, interesting guy to talk to.

I think I know the answers, but I want YOUR opinions. :-)


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  • Most american women hate asian guys. Their parents told them that asian guys are subhumans. Hollywood, MTV and the American mass media are telling them the same things.

    not only that, they also have small d***s as well.

    An asian guy who dates EVERYONE is an exception. Most asian men are hated by American women.

    So american women hate asian guys, sorry dude the truth hurts.


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  • I didn't think Asian guys WANTED to go out with other girls. Most never talk about any race besides Asian and white girls.

    It's more like a 'well, I don't really wanna waste me time tying to impress a wall' kind of thing. If Asian guys made it clear that they aren't like that, I'd be more than willing (if I weren't in a happy relationship) to try to be with one.

    There was this guy in my class.. Congho. I thought he was the cutest thing I've ever seen, but his eyes were always on the ground and every time I tried to talk to him, he'd smile, but still look down.

    Now, I prefer shy guys, but not so shy that I think he may think of me as annoying. Lol.

    Put yourself out there. Besides, the penis this isn't true. More black guys are the same size. (it's the technique! Ugh!)

  • If you walk around with a sign saying you're single, I would date you. LoL

    Asian men are attractive, but they have a reserved personality.

    Probably because you guys don't ask us? That's my case. Getting hit on by black guys, but not Asian guys. Makes me wonder if all Asian men are taken.

    I think it has to do with the stereotype of Asian men not treating their women like she's special. Basically, the married Chinese women that I talked to before said that their husband never do anything special for them. They had said they wished their husband would be like white guys you would surprise their significant others on useless holidays like Valentine's Day.

  • I find Asian guys to be attractive and so does a friend of mine but where I am from we rarely meet any except at the university...if they have an accent that's a plus but I find most of them to be shy.

  • their penises are too small. my friends and I call them "rice d***ks lmao


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  • I think most girls think they have small d***s so the latinas and black girls usually won't date them. As far as asian girls, most are just more attracted to white guys, or like the way white guys treat them. They way I see it, asian guys kinda take for granted asian girls, because they just think they are theirs, so don't appreciate them as much as they would a white girl.

    At the same time asian guys are usually smaller and weaker than other guys do this kinda makes them even more less desireable.

    • @Delahatesyou

      You're perpetuating a myth that is not true for all asian males. There are some women that's turned on by the package, and there are some women that like guys for their brains and money. Just because there are asian men that are short in stature doesn't necessarily mean they have to be less desirable, it has more do with systematic racism. Just about anywhere in the world where you're the minority, it's more difficult to find dates, mostly because they don't know your culture.

  • I don't think you're as confident as you say you are.. or maybe you just don't know how flirt .. I'm Asian and I never had any problems.

  • If they are the type that won't give you a chance because you're Asian, then they're definitely not the type that you should give a chance.

    Honestly, it's just the ignorant women who won't give Asians a chance. They've probably only seen Asian men in the movies and a few in real life (they're only ~5% of American population) who may or may not have fit the stereotype.

    Don't worry about it and think of it as a good thing; the girls who will date you are great because they aren't the type to discriminate and generalize.