How do I improve myself on getting a girlfriend?

21, 5'3. Yeah i'm pretty short for a guy. A little chubby but not fat. So now i need advice on how to improve myself. This sounds weird but i wanna find a nice lady to settle or get a girlfriend. I don't date. I find it hard to date in a country where people are very conservative. Either you flaunt money to attract girls or you'd be a creep to ask a random girl for her number. None of my friends can fix me up with someone cause well... most of my friends dont have a girlfriend. Of course i dont go for girls who are taller than me. At most the same height or an inch taller.
1) looks - fairly okay, girls tell me im cute. Not hot or handsome. Just cute. I'd say im at least a 6
2) social life - i do socialize at events or party and i'm not shy when i talk to people. People find my presence very comforting and nice to talk to.
3) life - well i play video game on a daily basis and i usually play 2-3 hours at most. My other free time is either going out for a walk or meeting up all my guy friends for chat.
So how can i improve my life better to find girls at a good set of place and maybe get a girlfriend. Girls dont randomly approach me since im not hot or anything. Just a plain joe here looking for answers. Oh and i dont look desperate or anything. When i talk to girls it just goes well like a normal chat. Not even the slightest bit of boring in my personality.


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  • How do I improve myself on getting a girlfriend?
    Lose weight. "Chubby not fat" I find is often code for overweight/obese when it comes to guys as it seems it takes drastic weight for them to even acknowledge they are chubby.

    Try online dating, meetup apps, and get active hobbies where you will interact and engage with people in real life thus leading to more gals to talk to.

    "looks - fairly okay, girls tell me im cute. Not hot or handsome. Just cute. I'd say im at least a 6 "
    Do the gals you're interested tell you that you're cute? if you're being told you're cute by gals you have no interest in then looks are likely an issue.

    • Okay maybe i'm exaggerating the chubby or fat part. Im at around 145 pounds or less. So im not fat but could look better. Yeah girls i have no interest in call me cute. So i guess looks isn't the problem. Then what is?

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    • To be honest i look like the guy in a t shirt. Not exactly. Nice without a t shirt. I don't have a belly to begin with

    • If you looked like that man in the shirt you wouldn't have called yourself chubby as he is muscular. He's an active bodybuilder. Abs galore without the shirt but I find many guys aren't too keen on seeing a shirtless so I did not post that version.

      I'm done here. You can keep thinking you're just 'chubby' not fat.. ignoring that chubby is a way to describe fat.

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  • There are so many issues here. For one, you should date. I mean, how else are you going to meet a girl and get her to like you? Second, why do you restrict on height? You're pretty short and I don't know what the average heights are in your country, but 5'4" is the average American height for a female so why not be open to everyone? Women tend to not want to date shorter men anyway, but let the women be the restrictive ones, not yet. Lastly, work on your career. I admit, I'm a short guy but I've always been enormously successful with women. I really think that the big thing is that I know how to set up a date and I'm not cheap. You might want to call that flaunting money, but it's not... it's being able to provide experiences apart from having her come over to your place so she can watch you play video games with your guy friends.

    • Im still a student but i'm planning on my career to get money and travel around the world to find even more beautiful women! The average height in my country are 5'2