How to attract a swedish guy?

There is a swedish boy in our computer class. He is so intresting and intellectual and I want to meet with him. Tricks? :D
What type of girls do they like? (I am brunett and curvy)



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  • Ooh! I think it could be an idea to ask him about his country/culture and discuss that, it could at least be a nice conversation starter. Just try to get to know him! Us swedes are generally pretty shy and such, so don't expect him to 'make the first move', chat with him some and see how it goes! Some people in the comments mentioned... that we like tall people? Which I haven't seen/heard, I think the majority prefers a girl who's smaller/shorter than them πŸ˜„ anyway, I hope it'll go well

    • thanks for the tips :D
      I am outgoing and I think I will be the first one who make first move :P
      It made me confused why all people in here rumoured nordic men like tall girls.. :S I mean, I didn't even think about it :D

    • Yeah, I'll be cheering for you πŸ“£
      And same here, but I'm sure your height won't be a problem either way πŸ˜„

    • nah if it will, than the problem is not mine. :D

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  • If you are over 5'9", you dont need to do something to attract him
    If you are under 5'9", you can't do something to attract him

  • Most guys here are unfortunatelly obsessed with height so if you are like 5'7" and under, just forget about him. You said curvy and I assume you know the difference between chubby and curvy.

    Intellectual conversations are mild plus. Be careful that dont call any meeting as "date". It is "fika"

  • Wait for him to show a sign of interest

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