Advice for staying over night at a guy's house for the first time?

I'm going to give only very brief details:

1. I really like him and I feel safe with him. He's very respectful of me and my boundaries.

2. We are NOT sleeping together so please don't try and tell me otherwise. He and I have had a very long discussion more than once about it and he's still around.

3. This is not an exclusive, committed relationship yet, but we are exclusively dating at this point.

4. I've never stayed overnight with any guy before, not just him, so any advice would be great. Like what to bring, what to wear, how to be a good guest, etc.



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  • Are you going to be just the two of you? Or is he staying with his parents?
    You can bring a pair of pyjamas, a toothbrush and you could also buy some snacks if you made plans to watch a movie.
    Don't bring along your sexy pyjamas, otherwise he will get the wrong impression, instead bring the modest, cute ones.
    As for your behaviour, I don't think you should behave differently. Be polite and enjoy your time.

    • Yeah it's just the two of us. I just graduated college and am living at home with my dad, but he just moved away from his parents home to his own apartment about a month ago.

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  • Keep your pussy fresh

  • Just try not to worry about it and enjoy yourselves.


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