Texts from a guy?

Does it mean anything when a guy calls you "hun"??

I texted him "Good Morning. Hope you enjoy your day?"

He responded "U too hun".

Does that mean anything?That's the first time he has done that. A little background: hung out for the first time about 4 day ago and have been texting for about 3 weeks now.


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  • how often do you talk with him?

    personally it don't tell girls I have texting anymore. haha

    i just tell them to call me if they want to talk.

    and they do or they don't

    and with text word don't come out the same.

    to me actually hearing a voice of a person it far more meaningful then a few text with a smile to the end of it...

    • That's true. But like every week since we've started. We texted 4 days straight this week and he initiated them all. On tuesday we texted for like 4 hrs (he was a work). I mean I hung out with him on wednesday this wk for a couple of hours and then he texted me later that night to talk. I was just wondering if it meant anything because he didn't call me that when I saw him and he tends to say my name when he's talking/texting me. I read that if I guys says ur name when talking then he likes u.

    • Yeah your right.

      i know when I do I use it as a term of endearment

      and to grab her attention and maker her fell like how you feel now.

      so yeah he must like you if he's calling you his "hunny" haha

      how it all work out for you

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  • It's just a word. The question is what do you want to word to mean? That he likes you? Do you like him?

    • Idk what I want it to mean - I guess maybe that he likes me. When we text he uses smiley faces (:) and ;)) and when we hung out he made excuses to touch me (which I didn't mind). But I was just wondering because he never said that before. Would I guy who isn't gay at my age say that to any girl?

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    • Yeah I do.

    • In that case, things look pretty good. It's only a matter of time before it goes some where. Good luck.

  • hun is usualy a word people use to call someone they care about


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  • I think it probably means that he cares about you. To what level, I'm not sure, but guys don't tend to dole those little things out randomly.

    With girls, it's a little different. I call everyone hon or sweetie, but I'm a cheer coach and work with kids, so it just comes naturally, but for guys, it's definitely different.

  • I think he's trying to let you know that he likes you without actually saying it straight out. He's flirting!

  • It's just a word,don't read into it too much:) just let it be.

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