One Year-- No kiss. Odd?

So me and this guy have been seeing each other for about a year...and we haven't kissed before. He's kissed me on the cheek quickly last Christmas but that was it. We hold hands, hug, etc but no kissing.

The thing is, we're not technically boyfriend/girlfriend. I guess the only thing different about us is that we just lack title...because I don't think anything else would change if we were to acknowledge each other like that.

Anyway, we're 15. Well, I just turned 16 very recently. So is this really weird? My friends sure think so.


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  • Hi, actually I don't think this guy is weird at all. The thing is that you probably still give him butterflies in his stomach. Since you said you're not technically boyfriend and girlfriend, that also might contribute to him not feeling comfortable to kiss you. But you make your relationship sound like you're really close and very ready to take it to the next step. So keep encouraging him to take it with you. I'm sure he wants to, he just needs your confidence to make those butterflies fly away! I hope this helps


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  • It's not weird at all.

    For me, I'd call that respect. He is definitely wanting to kiss you. But the thing is, he still doesn't know if it's appropriate in your part. There might be times that he might want to kiss you but decides not to because for him, he does not have the right to do that. As what you stated, you two are not technically boyfriends/girlfriends. He also thinking that, you might think that he is rushing things.

    He just respects you alot.

  • I usually expect sex on a first date... a year for a KISS?!

    • Sex on first date? Even at 15? I think that's a little....extreme.

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    • Ya, I had 4 girlfriends on my paper route when I was 15 and I banged them all.

    • This isn't even funny... mehhhh

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