How to make LDR work?

My boyfriend and I will have been dating for about 7 months by the time we both move. He will be in Virginia, or where ever he ends up going to college, and I'll be in Massachusetts. I've looked up plane tickets and they aren't too expensive and it would be about a days drive if we drove to eachother. He and I are only a little over a year apart age wise, but grade wise I'm a freshman and he's a senior, though I should be a sophomore due to being held back and he should be a junior due to age. So that means he will be going to college soon, but I'll still be in Highschool for another three years. I'm planning on going to college aswell, but hopefully I could go to one closer to him. We are best friends so we have a good bond. How often do you think we should visit to help make things work? Should I try and move close to him when I go to college? What are some tips for LDR?


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  • Not going to lie. Long distance is hard. I was involved with my partner for 2 years long distance (3 hour plane ride 3 day drive) (we now live together) and it wasn't an easy road. Despite your separate lives you need to ensure you make time for each other (whether it be Skype or Netflix movie phone dates and visits) there's no limit or minimum to visit as long as it's within your means to afford. Maybe schedule trips once every 2 weeks if you can. For me we started out at 4 month intervals... and as the time for us to move in together for closer we were visiting every month because it was too hard to stay away from each other.. but just because it's hard doesn't mean it's not worth it. Sometimes LDR doesn't work for whatever reason and that's ok. But if you're both willing to put in the effort there is no reason for it to not work out :)

  • I'm in a LDR with my boyfriend of nearly a year now. We were together 5 months when he moved abroad. The best tips for LDR are staying in contact and have really good communication. If you have any fears, make them known to him so he can reassure you otherwise they will eat away at you. Try and see each other as often as you can, it'll give you both something to look forward to which will make the distance easier. It will be hard and it requires effort on both parts, but if you're both committed and love each other enough then it can work.


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