Why do only nerds like me?

I had a small crush on the most popular guy in high school and his nerdy best friend fell in love with me, I am quite attractive girl and that popular guy also liked me but didn't act on it cause of his best friend.
After months, I met a new guy. He's a sportsman and has a super attractive best friend, all girls go crazy for his best friend. The guy who likes me is a nerd.
Why is it that only nerds like me?

I like nerdy guys, so if you have helpful answers, or any idea why do they like me, then answer, otherwise no...


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  • Could be just a coincidence. Or it could be that you give off a vibe that attracts nerdy guy? I don't know... besides, what's wrong with nerdy guys?

    • nothing.. I like them.

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  • What's wrong with nerds liking you? If you don't like them, send them my own way. (j/k since I am not interested in dating right now)


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  • Reading this made me angry.

    • >I like nerdy guys

      So why is it a problem if a nerd likes you?

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    • Of course, not saying you're ugly, just saying that beauty is subjective.

    • I know, thank you, It's weird that only nerdy guys find me attractive... Other guys don't approach me as often as nerdy guys.

  • so she me like you're stereotyping people

  • Wow... I just can't... Wow


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