Hiccups on my first date? Lol?

This is really embarrassing to admit, but I got hiccups on my first date with this guy I really like. It was horrible! He made fun of my for it (in good humour obviously) but I felt so self-conscious afterwards. We had a good laugh about it and quickly moved on, but it got me thinking. Why do I always get the hiccups when I'm nervous? It happens before presentations, when I'm meeting someone new, right before a test, etc. It happens at the most awkward times and here's the annoying part: it's usually only a single hiccup and people don't know if it's a burp or a hiccup Lol. Why does this keep happening at the worst possible times? I'm so embarrassed :( My date was so amused by it and he was like *Aww, am I making you nervous?" All I could do was blush and giggle ahaha


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  • Whatever! It's not like you could control them!


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