What does it mean when a guy says he wants to see where things go?

So I've been getting to know this boy for like 2 months & the vibe is great, he calls me baby girl & sends GM texts if we go a couple of days without texting he'll be wondering where I've been & says he missed me like we get along good he'll apologize if he texts back super late which is sweet. He knows I'm not interested in a "fuck buddy" & that I want a relationship & he said he does too.

Well last night I asked him where his head was at when it came to me just to see if his interest level was still nice & high lol to see how much he's into me & he only said that "I mean, I'm trying to see where things go" & I asked him if he's getting to know someone else & he said "I don't know foreal, um I mean no not really" -- We haven't chilled in person bc we are both away at school but we live (@ home) about 15-20 mins away -- He then asked me the same questions, I read them & started doing something.. he thought I was leaving him on read so he sent texts like asking why I'm not replying which could mean he's interested in me LOL & I know he's had problems with girls before like being loyal so he could be taking things slow. Should I continue to get to know other guys to keep my options open incase it doesn't work out?
GUYS - if you say that to a girl what do you really mean? And GIRLS - if a guy said that to you how would you take it & proceed to act?
What does it mean when a guy says he wants to see where things go?
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