Has feminism destroyed the dating scene for men?

Due to feminism men can't say anything to women without being accused of being sexist or accused of "sexual harassment". We have to be careful what we say to avoid being accused of being "sexist". There is even a case where a woman accused a man of "sexual harassment" all because he said hello.

Plus men are being shamed and vilified by women and told to "act" and "behave" a certain way around or with women and generalised as "sexist nice guys who feel entitled to women"

Whats even more frustrating is the "fat acceptance" movement and "body positive" movement that says that all body types are "beautiful" and that men must accept all women and "beauty is on the inside" and if you don't find fat women attractive you are "sexist" meanwhile these are the same women who only want to date guys who are six foot tall and have six pack abs.

So how can you demand body "acceptance" when you won't do the same for say for example fat men?

Lastly feminism has misguided women teaching them that men who act like men are "sexist and bad" and women must date "feminine" men

Has feminism destroyed the dating scene for men?
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