Sober him says he doesn't want to see me anymore but drunk him still calls me?

Sorry long post: I known and liked my crush for almost a year now. I was above a booty call but less than a friends-with-benefit thing since we weren't in the same circle. We had some nights where I would sleep over and we would just hang out and talk. No sex.
On nights that he was drunk, he would tell me things that sounded that he was gonna get more serious about me. He even told me more than once, "My parents will like you. Do you wanna meet them?" Never did anything about it tho.
One night I ran into him at a bar after I hadn't heard from him in a month. I told him if he didn't want anything to do w/ me anymore then to let me know and I will leave him alone but I didn't deserve to be ghosted after so many months. He was like "No, I still like you." Yet, he did nothing. At this point, I was already frustrated and ready to cut ties w/ him myself since I got the picture.
One night, a friend of his friend asked me come out for someone's bday. I shouldn't have gone but I did and it ended badly. I drunkenly ending up hooking up w/ his buddy. Afterwards I told him, "let's just call it what it is." He then told me that he DID like me a lot.
I called a few weeks later to see how where we stood b/c he was reaching out to me through social media so I was confused. He told me he didn't wanna hang out w/ me anymore. He also told me he has commitment issues.
Few weeks later, he drunked called me. He told me that I hurt his ego/feelings by hooking up w/ his friend. He also told me that he hooked up w/ my "friend" b/c he wanted to get back at me. I asked if he still liked me and he said yeah, a little. He also drunkenly admitted to me he had only slept w/ me and his ex when he soberly told me it was 5 girls.
Two weeks later, he calls me up again drunk. What's his deal? He is calling me to boost his ego? Is he using me? Am I putting too much meaning on his drunken phone calls? Interesting thing, he never called me drunk before. Now that it's over, the drunk calls have started.
Sober him says he doesn't want to see me anymore but drunk him still calls me?
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