Is it too late to start dating? What should I do?

I'm 21 years old but I've only ever dated 1 girl, when I was 19, for about 3 months. To top that off, I met her off myspace, I didn't even meet her in person. She started messaging me first, then later we went to a theme park as our "first date" and she was my girlfriend for 3 months after that. Other then all the experience I have from her, I have no other experience with girls.

I'm in college full time (4th year) and working part time. I have friends, not many, but I do have friends. I don't drink or smoke and am not a partier. I go to a commuter school where all the students do is drive to campus, go to class, then leave, so it makes it pretty hard to meet people. I talk to all those around me in all of my classes, try to make friends with the girls especially, but it never goes anywhere from that. Usually either because they already have a boyfriend or they don't seem interested. I think I am a decent looking guy, although I think sometimes my height gets in the way. I am only 5'5". I think sometimes this may have something to do with it.

I am always just left wondering why all of my friends (who are also my age) always have a girlfriend and I am always the only single one. It's really sad and depressing and I just don't understand it. They are just like me for the most part, except they can pick up girls, and I can't.

My question is, am I too far behind to start dating? Will girls think I am a loser? What am I doing wrong and what should I do to actually start meeting girls?

Here are two very recent pics of me, like I said, I don't think I'm that bad looking, but you decide for yourself.




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  • Dude...the time when it's too late to start dating is the day they shovel dirt into your grave.

    The ONLY expiration date people have is the last one.

    Hell I met my wife almost eight years ago and I'm almost 50.

    There is no specific time table to live. Only the one we foolishly impose upon ourselves.

    Go out. Meet women. You're not looking for Mrs're just looking. The more you meet the better the chance you are going to find a few you hit it off with. Cut yourself some slack, and release the pressure you place on yourself. This isn't a race...who cares if your friends all have gf's. They aren't you.

    Get out there. Don't watch life from the's a hell of a lot more fun out on the field.

    • In my opinion there is a time-table, it's better to experience it in your prime and youth years

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  • to start off - it's never too late.

    just keep trying and get yourself out there more. you're talking to people which is good.

    you'll meet a girl randomly when you least expect it.

    my friends brother got his first girlfriend at 23.

    p.s no, you're not bad looking.

    • I hate how people say it is never too late, because that is bullsh*t

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    • I'm a girl and I think there is a time when it becomes to be too late, because when you get older, you get uglier, you are not in your "prime years" anymore

    • Thats up to you to keep good.

      It's not always about looks, confidence and a killer personality will make you more appealing.

  • You're a good-looking guy. It's never too late to start dating. The right girl will come along when you least expect it.

  • you are not bad looking at all, your handsome in fact. but you need confidence and its not to late for you plenty of guys have had little dating experience at your age. try a dating website, a free one like okcupid.

    • Been on plentyoffish and okcupid for about 6 weeks now and no luck. School started today and I briefly met 2 different girls in 2 different classes (I think one may have a boyfriend, not sure about the other), but that happens all the time and nothing ever comes from it.

    • Well you have to believe you will meet someone that's the most important part, the power of what your thoughts attract and 6 weeks is not that long these things take time

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  • Do you think that I am a loser?

    I am the same height as you dude... I am 32 and only dated 3 women in my entire life. I haven't dated a single female in over 7 years... Let alone, I have not had sex (nor do I even care for that matter) in almost as long (let's just say that after an interesting situation, Sex is now "boring" to me...).

    Never too late. To me, too late is to be 40 and still single... If I do not get married by, I don't know, 7 years from now, I'd forget about it and just live as a warrior-monk-hermit... LOL

    The question was rhetorical... The point is, I am still looking and I am 11 years older than you. And for that matter, it depends on what you are looking for... As for me, I am looking for "marriage material"... Not a fling, not some little girl that hasn't figured the difference from their head or their ass.

    For you, I am wondering why are you throwing in the towel and not even past the first minute of the first round of a 15 round bout?

    • Well good luck to you man. I'm not sure I could live with myself in your situation (no offense). I already lose sleep over this and have pretty bad anxiety because of it. Good luck in your search I hope you find what you're looking for.

    • No offense taken, And do not feel sorry for my situation. I am fine with it. You are feeling anxious for no reason at all. Personally, I am not directly looking; I am not asking anyone out, I am not actively dating. I am content. Mainly because I am pretty busy.

  • you are ahead of a lot of people I knew at that age. You just need to start putting yourself out there. Join some type of social activity where you can meet new people. You will be surprised because you may find plenty of girls who are doing the same thing and trying to meet a nice guy.

    • "you are ahead of a lot of people I knew at that age." -- maybe. I'm not a virgin and have kissed/made out, so at least I have that experience. I just want a girlfriend (I don't care about sex) to spend my time with, travel with, go to the mountains with, go to movies with, experience life with, etc. I will never get many of those experiences if I don't find someone.

  • it's better to experience it in your prime years, because when you get older, you get uglier, you lose your sex drive, are not as sexually healthy as you used to be, because the older you get, you can become impotent

    • This is part of my thoughts behind this, "better to experience in your prime years". I am thankful for the experience that I do have, I just want to find another girl to make more "experiences" with. I think I am definitely still in my prime years only being 21, and I still have plenty prime years left.

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    • But I know that I am always naturally, instinctively going to be attracted to women younger than me as I get older, I know that it's not uncommon for people to date or marry each other and they have a 10 year or more age gap between them, it's because, well I'm sure you already know, the reason why us guys will always be attracted to women younger than us as we get older, because they are more fertile, like we want a woman who will give us healthy children

    • Even if getting her pregnant is the last thing we want to do, it's because we humans are animals too, but I know that a lot of women in general, it seems most, are attracted to older men because usually they are more mature, and they are more likely to have their life together already, have a full-time job or have their own place, basically women place their highest value on a man's resources, status or social status, while us men seek great DNA, great genetics.

  • at least you have gotten laid before