Why would I get friendzoned on tinder?

It has happened twice, and would like to avoid it happening a third


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  • It's hard to know without having seen your conversations. It could be that you are being too nice and not direct enough about what you are looking for. If you approach as the all round good guy you can often end up having more friend potential than date potential, particularly if you are shy about declaring your attraction to the other person.

    If you are talking to someone, you are making it clear that you are attracted and are interested in dating, and they are just keeping you at arms length then don't waste too much of your time. Focus on people who are receptive to your romantic overtures.

    • I would say being too nice. Could it be that they were really just looking for a one night thing from me and not so much a relationship? Because times where I haven't thought about a second date and was only there for sex it went well, we got on and we had sex but these other two I liked more than any others friendzoned me.

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