Should I put my pride aside?

my boyfriend and I have been together for a couple of months now. we have had a lot of trust in each other, we don't keep secrets, communicate openly of our feelings.. but this past month we've been fighting over every little thing. he got mad because every friend is always "probably more than a friend" or if a man says hi to me, he's automatically hitting on me; even though I constantly reassure him that he's the ONLY man I love & that I only have eyes for him. I started getting upset because he's spending less and less time with me. when I was in college he would text me while he was at work, talk to me all day then spend time together afterward. now that I started my externship, he doesn't text me often, calls me about once a day & he spends a lot of time with his guy friends. I've never doubted of his fidelity, but I felt like he shouldn't have gotten me so accustomed to spending so much time with him & cut me off so quick. I do everything I possibly can to please him when he expresses to me there's something that he doesn't like. I've stopped talking to A LOT of friends because I don't want to cause any problems.. Don't get me wrong, he's made his share of compromising as well. but this week he got mad because a friend of ours -i met him first, before my man and I ever even met- started texting me again. my friend & I were very close but he stopped texting me when my boyfriend & I started getting serious, I'd only say hi and see him at our hang out place, mainly out of respect; but when he saw how upset I'd get because of how our relationship has been going, he started texting again. I told him that our friend has always respected me, we text only on friendly terms, & he shows a large amount of respect to my man as well. he is the only person I text, & has been the listening ears to my problems since my boyfriend hardly has time for me anymore. but he made me choose again, for the fifth time, "your friends or me". I know for a fact he texts two of his "girl" friends, but I have never made him choose between his friends & me because I know he loves me and would never make a move on them. but I'm tired of the games, the expectations and of this whole "break up to make up" situation. I love him with all my heart, but I said goodbye. now I'm heartbroken. my friends say he's feeling the same.. but should I once again push my pride aside & stop talking to a good friend because of my man? or should I put my foot down and hold on to my pride?
Should I put my pride aside?
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