Why would he even like a fat fuck like me?


So you could say I have really bad self esteem issues. I tend to eat my feelings away, it's bad cause I am a bigger girl. With plans to lose weight, I wanna get down to a healthy weight. But... I am still gonna be ugly.. I am pale, short, chunky, and have blue eyes. My sister on the other hand gets flirted with all the time by all men!!! She's thin, bubbly, blonde, taller, wears provocative clothing, modeled for a while. She's so pretty, literally a model.. I am fucking trash compared to her, I don't ever get hit on... unless it's by old gross men.. and guys literally my age just want my sister. This guy is really interested in me now, but I don't know I don't feel like I deserve him.. I feel he deserves better than my fat ass.. With comments that people made to me in my family, I will no longer be proud or confident in who I am. I have been called pudgy, round, I showed my mom my stretch marks one day and she literally was disgusted by it... I am sorry ok.. I am sorry I am fat, I am sorry for existing..
Why would he even like a fat fuck like me?
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