Is it OK to kiss her again?

There's this girl that I've been friends with for quite some time. We flirt and hang out and cuddle. She knows I like her and would like to date her, I've told her. She is always saying she's not ready for a relationship right now though. While over at her place cuddling, I tried to kiss her and she shot me down...three times (three different occasions). Thing is they weren't the typical shoot down. I could tell she wanted to but and she's told me she wanted to but we work together and she's afraid it would be weird. Also she didn't do it because I asked if I could kiss her first. She said that if I had just done it, she would have gone with it.

The other day we went out ended up back at my place. It was late so she decided to just to spend the night and sleep on my couch. I gave her some blankets and headed to bed. 20 minutes later she comes and sits on my bed and says to me, "I'm not tired anymore" and gives me a shy little smile. I sit up from my bed and I kiss her. We made out and it started getting hot and heavy. As we are kissing she looks at me and says, "You know I'm just using you.” I didn’t say anything, just kept kissing her.

Then she started to get a little freaked out and sliding closer to the edge of the bed, saying we shouldn't do this because it would be weird at work. I assured her it was OK, we’re friends and it would be alright. Well after a few unsure kisses she gets up and runs back to the couch. I follow her and ask if she's OK, she says she OK and I tell her good night and I head back to my room. As I'm walking away she says "really?" So I turn around, kiss her and pull her back to my room where things start getting hot again.

Then out of the blue again she gets a little freaked and starts saying things are going to be weird again. I let her know that we are pretty much passed the point of things being weird if they are going to be. She disagreed and she starts getting dressed and says she should leave.

I let her know that everything would be OK. I asked her to stay several times. As she was leaving she said that I would get attached if we did anything and it wasn't a good idea. I then asked her if she was really just using me and she said yes, and left.

Well at work, we acted like nothing happened. We are still good friends and all is well.

A few days later, she's feeling very sleepy and asks if she can come to my place and sleep together (actually sleep), I told her that I had class. She was sad she wasn't able to. This seemed a bit odd to me.

Then the other day she says she bought some lingerie from Victoria's Secret. She links me a pic from the site and says its “bootyful” I told her that I can imagine, and she says “You don’t have to imagine, I can show you”

So my question is, If I hang with her again, how should I act with her? She seems like she wants to try again. It seems like I’ll be starting over again though. Can I hold her? Kiss her? She’s really not making this easy lol.

Is it OK to kiss her again?
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