Is it okay to straight up ask a girl if she's looking for a fuck buddy, boyfriend, weekend fling, etc?

I recently met this girl I'm attracted to, but I'm not looking for a girlfriend but just hooking up. I don't want to send her mixed messages, so is it okay to ask her what kind of relationship she is looking for? Boyfriend, friends with benefits, etc? It won't be disrespectful asking that?

All girls welcome to answer please.


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  • telling her what exactly you are looking for might be the best thing to do in order to keep everything simple. but dont just ask her "are you looking for a fuck buddy?", because it might sound offensive. try to be a little more subtle, if I may say. just start a casual conversation and then bring the subject into discussion and tell her what you really want.

  • I'd rather a guy ask. That way we're not wasting our time if we don't want the same thing


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