Texting girls between dates - how often should I?

How much texting should one do between dates? For example, after a first or second date, there will be seven days before the next date. I'll typically call once during this time, but text more often. I don't want to play games but I wonder if texting every day isn't a bit much. On the other hand, I don't want to be clingy like I have nothing going on.


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  • text her when you want

    • Good answer. But for some guys I've known, that's every 5 minutes. Not attractive. Some guys need to tweak "what they want" to be successful.

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    • Better to know early.

    • Maybe a girl could tell you more about how often to text. I don't play games.

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  • I'm one of those weird girls that doesn't think a guy iis creepy if he texts just to say hey everyday. But generally it seems like every other day or two is good for most girls. A lot of girls these days don't know how to appreciate a sweet guy or express exactly what they're hoping to get from a guy. There's a lot of immaturity and game playing that goes on but the females out there who have a clue and don't still act like they're still in high school are definately worth the effort.

  • I like it if the guy I'm seeing to text me once a day... even with a simple "hey, thinking about you. Looking forward to Friday." Just to touch base.

    I think every, every other day is fine. As long as you're not doing the One Word Text conversations.

    • Does the "thinking of you" really work after one date? Or two? It seems a bit clingy and stalker-ish to me. I'm not opposed to being nice, like making sure she got home safely, but I'm wondering if that really works?

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  • Keep it casual. One text every 2-3 days. If she initiates a conversation, keep it going. Just don't bombard her with texts when you're just dating.