Why are women so picky about height in a guy?

There are tons of quality short men they reject out of hand?

Looking for real answers only.

I would love to hear some real answers, especially from real women, as opposed to the child-like man-hate I have been getting from feminist man-haters for daring to ask a question!


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  • Tall men are more attractive. Get over it.
    But I see tons of short men walking around with girlfriends every day, so I'd say, in reality, it's hardly an issue.

    • 1. Ok WHY are they so attractive to such a large proportion of the female population.

      2. WHY is it that they are willing to reject out of hand so many men without this one single trait that CANNOT be changed?

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  • Because a woman's genetics makes a woman want a larger/stronger guy, as well as the media and other sources. However most girls are happy with most guy's height as long as they make up with personality, or other characteristics

    • So how does a shorter guy get around the initial rejection instinct of the vast majority of women who seem to desire only that a man be "tall" or at least "taller than me"?

    • Be attractive in other ways, have a six pack, be smarter than average (by a lot), be famous or be rich, basically put extra effort in

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  • I think woman want to submit during sex and a tall guy looks more dominant

    • So are women that are dominant in bed more open to dating short guys?

  • Sexual dimorphism. Men look for feminine characteristics, women look for male characteristics, which includes being tall. I’ve only ever dated guys over 6ft but that’s actually not by choice just coincidence. I’ve been interested in guys who were 5’4 - 5’7 and they weren’t interested in me.

    • Yes but why is height so overwhelmingly important? I have seen guys over 6' that are string bean wusses, that a shorter guy could easily beat up or protect is woman better. Why is height SO important to SO many women?

    • For me it's less about protection and more about how I like height shaped the body. I'm not attracted to all tall guy

    • s for this reason, but for some it just creates this really pleasant shape in my eyes. Again height isn't mandatory for me, especially if you create that shape naturally.

  • Because we have preferences just like men, some men won't date a girl who's even sightly overweight so I see no difference in some women men having a preference for taller men.

    • Weight can be fixed though, height can't.

    • Also, I am not asking about that, I am asking why the female population seems so skewed towards hating or rejecting all men shorter than them. To compare about 75% of guys don't care about the height of their woman, whereas the vast majority of women seem to reject any man shorter than them or they feel is "short" in general.

    • I'm only 5ft 1 so I'm hard pushed finding someone shorter than me!

  • I don't have specific heights I go off of, but I don't like how it feels to physically look down on someone.

    • Why?

    • Feels almost disrespectful. I feel like I need to stand further away from them to make the angle less intense.

  • Because they don't find it as attractive as a tall guy, the same the general public doesn't regard overweight women being as attractive as thinner women.

    • Weight can be changed, height cannot.

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    • So you don't have a real answer? Than stop projecting your ignorance onto me like I somehow did something wrong. GOOD DAY TROLL!

    • I do have an answer, your personal bias and unwillingness to acknowledge my points doesn't equate to me not having an answer.

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  • One would think that feminists would want their male partners the same height or shorter.

    • .. why?

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    • Lol, yea equality right?

    • Yeah, your question really made me think how two faced they are and how they still want all the female instinctive sexist things but preach this "equality" bullshit.

  • Women can have physical preferences as much as men do. The problem is when women choose a partner based on physcial attributes but then get all full of drama when men prefer certain physical attributes.

    • The question is not about preferences it is about why so many women are obsessed with this. If you don't know why feel free to leave the thread.

    • Wow you're in a good mood...

  • There are quite a few Victoria Secret models who date short guys. There's hope, afterall :p

    • Really, any examples? I need some hope after all these disappointing answers!

    • Just type in Victoria Secret Models Boyfriends. One is 5'8. Zayn Malik who went with Gigi Hadid is 5'9. Another one is 5'7

  • It's down to evolution. Women like to feel protected and, perhaps erroneously, tall men are perceived as being able to offer more protection than shorter men.

    • How is a 6' stringbean wuss a better protector than a 5'6" man who lifts weights and does martial arts?

    • It's a flawed notion, I agree. That's just how it is though.

    • Any ideas as to why?

  • I see you mention a lot that height can't be changed, as if it's unfair for a woman not to give you a chance because of that. Why does it matter that it can't be changed? Why do you expect then to change their preferences for you?

    If someone was ugly and they couldn't change that either, would you all of a sudden go "ah I see ok I'll date you then"?

    Why do you expect the dating game to be fair?

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