Why does my boyfriend tickle torture me?

My boyfriend has always had a thing for tickling. The minute he found out that I was ticklish, he has not passed up the opportunity to do so. We'll be watching a movie together on the couch and he'll catch me off guard and tickle attack me until I'm breathless and laughing so hard my head hurts. Sometimes when he carries me he'll move his fingers along my rib cage and laugh as I squirm in his arms. I'm so ticklish that it literally hurts when he makes me laugh too much :( He tells me it's so adorable but he doesn't understand that 6/10 times I don't enjoy it. Just the other day he tickled me until I was literally laughing my brains out. Why? I have also had a few embarrassing moments as a result like when I farted because he wouldn't stop tickling me. That's especially bad because I try to be ladylike and don't like when bodily functions happen out of my control. He does it for his own entertainment and loves my reactions cause I lose all control when I'm tickled like that.
Why does my boyfriend tickle torture me?
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