My sister wants to set me up with her friend. Should I do it?

So my younger sister (27) wants to set me (31) up with one of her good friends that is her age. I have met this girl before, she used to come camping with us when I was younger, but never really talked to her much back then or ever thought about it.

Well I've been single for a bit, and been having trouble finding a woman I actually like since my ex 2 years ago. There have been a few, but hasn't worked out for various reasons.

Well recently, my sister suggested I date this friend. Apparently this girl has had a crush on me since back in the day when we used to go camping, and on paper we have a lot in common, and I do think she is pretty / could be a girl I would consider dating. But not sure if this is a good idea or not. My sister is moving to a new city, so I guess it wouldn't be that weird if things don't work out. I also have gone on 2 dates with another woman recently, but not really feeling a connection with her.

Should I go for it, or should I not try to date my sisters friend? Apparently my brother and sister were going to try and sneakily get us to hang out by inviting her out for drinks when we went, without my knowledge. That ended up not happening so I told her to just give me her number and I would text her, which I haven't done yet, but that was last night.

This has all happened behind the scenes, I just found out the other day that they wanted me to date her. It's a bit awkward, my family trying to set me up, but maybe it would work out. What do you guys think?

Also if I do text her, should I mention that my sister told me she had a crush on me, or just say something like, so apparently my sister has been trying to set us up, would you want to go out for a drink sometime?
My sister wants to set me up with her friend. Should I do it?
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