How can I tell my brother’s friend I like him?

I need serious advice please. We’re both adults, I’m 31 and he is 28. He’s my brother’s good friend. As of late I’ve been hanging out with my brother & the friend & I’ve caught feelings. I‘ve met him a bunch of times recently & every time I find myself thinking wow he’s such a nice guy. I can completely be myself around him & we have A LOT in common. The banter is amazing. I know he’s single too. However, I just don’t know if he sees me as anything other than his mates sister so I don’t know if he is just being nice to me because of that reason but my brother vouches he is a nice guy & my brother also knows I like him but thinks the guy should be the one to initiate first. My brother doesn’t want to make it awkward by trying to set us up but I feel like the friend is too reserved to initiate himself, he’s not a confident type of guy so I doubt hitting on me has even crossed his mind. He’s also not on social media so I can’t add him & I don’t have his number either grrrr! I’m just at the mercy of my brother & him making plans to meet & then tagging along with them.
Here is the interesting part - the guy asks my brother about me from time to time & tells him to bring me too when they meet up so that is all I have to believe that he may like me too.
Last time we met, my brother went to the toilet so it was just the two of us so I kind of made a move on him. We were talking about relationships & I casually said where can I find a guy like you? He gasped, smiled, looked away and basically got flustered and red in the face. I don’t know if he was blushing because he likes me or because I made him uncomfortable.

Does anyone have any sound advice on how to keep giving him hints? I just feel like good men like him are so FEW & FAR between & I genuinely see a connection with him. I have not had much luck in dating & I may always wonder WHAT IF with this guy, but if he doesn’t feel the same way I risk looking like the creepy sister & I may ruin my brothers friendship.

1 y
At the end of the year he may also be moving away. This is something I only found out recently and it’s made me even more torn.. do I move quicker on him OR just let it all go and not take any action? If he’s going to move away, me confessing my feelings won’t make him stay, but we could do long distance at least, or if I confess and he doesn’t like me the fact that he’s moving will make it easier to get over it and I won’t have to see him again.
How can I tell my brother’s friend I like him?
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