Can I tell if she likes me through text?

So there is this girl I like who I just got her number last week. Before that we've talked a little and stuff and we've been kinda friends. I asked my friend (who is her brother) her number and he gave it to me. When I first texted her I told her who I was. So far I have texted her several times and she's been responding. So by looking at her texts I don't know if she likes me or not. Her family just left for several monthes unfortunately :(, but I was lucky to get her number before then. So here are some conversations we have had and I wanna know if we can tell she likes me:
Do you want to be friends? -me
Sure -her
Yay! -me
Lol! -her
So are we friends now -me
Ya -her
Are you sure -me
*yes -her
Is it true you're leaving tomorrow? -me
Yeah:'( -her
No! My friends are leaving! -me
Ik! Its so sad! Imma miss you guys! -her
Same! -me
Your brother said me and everyone else can come over one more time! -me
Yay! -her
Byeee -me
Byyyyyyyeeee! Is my mom taking you home -her
Im already home. I got picked up -me
Aw :( -her
Ya I thought I was gonna ride with everyone else but I guess didn't -me
Lame! -her
(this is not part of the converstaion but I don't know what she meant by "lame", so I wanna know if that was teasing or what)
If you are leaving right now, good BYE! -me
(also not part of convo, but she gave a nickname for me, so could that show flirting?)
So those were some conversations we have had. I know you probably can't tell much, but when we actaully seen each other she laughs at my jokes several times and smiles. She's a bit shy so she doesn't really flirt as often but she still kinda teases me when she has the chance. She's actaully a bit older than me, like 17. Pretty surprising, but we kinda have a thing going. I'm 14. She asked me to slow dance at a recent church dance :) So could we possibly have a connection with each other and keep in touch while she's away?
Can't tell through text
Seems like she likes me
Doesn't seem she likes me
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Can I tell if she likes me through text?
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