Why is it so hard to be a guy under 30 and why are all women taken?

Ok, so here's the deal. I'm 27 and a complete loser. I've never kissed a girl, barely dated and feel like most girls find me repulsive. The problem is that I just feel like no matter what I do, it's never good enough. Here are some stats below and why I don't believe they will be good enough.

1. Salary: $60-$80K (lots of guys my age make around $100k)
2. Athletic: intense workouts every day (so what, most guys have six-pack abs and chiseled faces)
3. watch what I eat - so does every other guy
4. good personality - I know tons of guys that treat girls really well that also have movie star good looks
5. good hygiene - so do nearly all guys. Also, I have moderate acne and am slowly losing my hair, both of which could be dealbreakers due to the level of competition.

I work 15 hour days (work and non-work related) and I'm very stressed. I feel like all my effort to just get an average girl to date me once may be in vain as the competition is too high. I don't want to whine but sometimes it feels like girls just have to walk around to get tons of hot guys fawning over them and I can't even get average girls to look at me. For example, in my experience, a slightly overweight guy my age won't get any dates while a morbidly obese girl can still get tons of dates.

Is my situation hopeless? any ideas?
Why is it so hard to be a guy under 30 and why are all women taken?
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