Do guys like a cute, sweet and innocent face on a girl?

I'm just wondering if a sweet and innocent face on a girl is seen as attractive. I've been told that a more sexy, mature face is seen more attractive to men, which is something I don't have. I look way younger than my age. I get called adorable, beautiful, pretty and cutie, but NEVER sexy. A guy even called me his chubby cheek cutie lol. I'm petite too. It makes me feel like a puppy :-( lol

Men expect me to act my ethnicty... I'm Latina. They expect me to be fiesty, spicy and just act really sexual. I'm the opposite. I'm shy, an introvert and a sweet girl. I'm trying to improve myself by being more outgoing and more confident. I've lost opportunities by being shy and invisible. I had a guy reject me because of these stereotypes. Maybe I'm choosing the wrong men?

The only time I get called sexy is if I wear something revealing, but it brings negative sexual attention in a deragatory way, especially in my "ghetto" neighborhood, so I stopped doing that.

What can I do to exude sexiness with men I date through my body language since I can't change my face? Lol

Any advice is appreciated :-)
Do guys like a cute, sweet and innocent face on a girl?
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