She told me after three days that I shouldn’t have kissed her?

I’ve been talking to this girl for a month. We texted everyday, and altough I was the one to initiate it at first, she became the one to frequently start conversations. She is very responsive, there’s no way I am the one to insist to keep this going.

We only went on two dates, the latter being on last Thursday. We held hands and at the end I gave her a quick kiss on the lips. She did not back off or anything like it.

After that she texted me immediately and everything was normal until today. Talking about someone else, she said kissing without notice is not a good idea.

So I asked her if she didn’t like that I kissed her like that and said “definetely no”. I then jokingly said I should have warned her first and she responded saying I should not have kissed her at all. Then I told her there’s no point in talking to her anymore (assuming that she doesn’t like me) amd she only sent me a sad emoji, which I left on read.

I really do not understand her behaviour. You don’t just text a guy everyday to make him your bff without knowing him before. And if she doesn’t see me in a romantical way why she didn’t say “no kiss” right after it happened?
She told me after three days that I shouldn’t have kissed her?
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