Why does he touch my face?

There's this guy that likes me. One time we were talking and as he was leaving he touched my face and said "I'll see ya later cutie" then this other time he caressed my chin and then kissed me on the lips. Then, this other time we were talking and he just started caressing my chin again. Why does he do this? Why do guys touch a girl's face?


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  • He likes you. Its a form of teasing flirting. It seems a little dominant and it could feel annoying like he is treating you like a child. If you don't like it let him know. I am sure he would not mean to make you uncomfortable. If he does it right before he kisses you it may be him trying to make the kiss more intimate. I think everyone sorta fantasives about the movie style kiss with the man dipping the woman/two lovers like grabbing each others heads. Of course in real life this stuff is hard to do and most guys are pretty awkward I know I am


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  • Because he's got sexual tension built up that he needs to get some satisfaction from touching your face. He can't control himself, so he wants to do something to gain access.

    If you like this guy, feel free to get more intimate with him. But expect him to give you some crazy, passionate kisses since he's so addicted to your face.

    • Thanks for your answer. I liked how you explained it without being an a**hole about it. :]

  • he wants to f**k, :) hope that helped


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