My girlfriend wants to call 24/7?

So my girlfriend I always wanting so call, I'm not a big "call person" to begin with I'd much rather text or snap than call but I have called a lot with her and sometimes it seems like as she cares about is calling. I need\want a break from calling.
As soon as I get home from work she wants to call and even wants to sleep on the phone and isn't happy that I don't want to do that during the week, but we compromised on just sleeping while still on the phone only on the weekends. But I don't want to keep calling all the time and 24/7 like this.

What do I do? She has told me about past relationships, they mostly ended because her bfs stopped wanting to call all the time and some stopped completely. So what should I do?

Thanks everyone for your answers!!
My girlfriend wants to call 24/7?
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