Do dominant men prefer very submissive and feminine women? Or challenging assertive women?

Not a doormat. If something hurts me, ill let my partner know but I'm just way more comfortable letting someone else make final decisions on a lot of things. My ex was the same and looked to me to solve problems and make all the plans and it was stressful. I also dont feel wanted if the guy wants me to plan dates and show affection first. Im very loving and not afraid to be vulnerable with the guy Im with, but I like him to initiate and kind of court me first. My ex did that but then switched on me. I need a guy who is strong where I'm not and I typically look up to dominant men. But someone said dominant guys prefer a challenge and really assertive girls. Basically more dominant girls and thats definitely not me. Im softer, I will ask questions but not really challenge too often. I dont argue much because I think having conversation is better, I like peace, and I always assume that I may just not be understanding someones perspective and just need to talk to them to try and see where they are coming from instead of fighting or assuming the worst. I do tend to put the guys needs before my own, but usually thats because im more go with the flow and comfortable following his lead and exploring where that takes me. Im pretty independent so I have time to do my own thing when I'm on my own. With other people, I like to release control and take a back seat and enjoy the ride. I feel like the pro with submissive girls is we listen to our men and really care about making them happy. Making him happy is a huge part of what makes me happy. Thats why I tried to be more assertive for my ex - its what he wanted and needed. I hated it and would never do it again, but I understand my actions. My ideal is way more "my man is head of the household" just because I'm more of a follower and a nurturer than a decision maker, planner, or captain of the ship.
Do dominant men prefer very submissive and feminine women? Or challenging assertive women?
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