My boyfriend is getting on my nerves?

He told me he’d come to a party with me, and then the day of, he told me he didn’t want to go. He then said that he wanted to hangout with his family because he hasn’t seen them, so, instead of the party he’d go to see them. I was upset because he shouldn’t have told me last minute he didn’t want to go, and secondly, it would have meant a lot if he came with me.

The whole night, this is where I thought he was. I thought he was with his family, because he seemed super concerned about seeing them.

I then find out, he didn’t go to see his family. He just stayed home. Which, of course bothers me, because he made it seem like seeing his family was very important to him, and that’s why he did not want to go to this party with me.

I am upset, because now he’s just being unreliable and it’s annoying to me. My friend invited him to the party, and i thought it would be nice for us both to go. Everyone was asking where my boyfriend was, and, I’m just appalled that he lied like that.
My boyfriend is getting on my nerves?
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