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Girl not comfortable with video calling or phone call?


So I met this girl online through a dating app, and we seem to hit it off pretty well. Eventually, I gave her my number and asked if you wanted to set up a call. She wasn't comfortable with it at first, and preferred to remain on the app.

Eventually, she gave me her Instagram and we started talking through there, and again got a decent rapport, although I was doing most of the initiation in our convo. Eventually, I asked again if she wanted to do video call or phone call, and she still wasn't comfortable with it and apologized greatly for it, and she told me honestly she wasn't expecting to continue the conversation as long as it has, let alone meet someone in person.

I told her it was fine, I didn't want to be very persistent about it, and told her once you're more comfortable to talk over the phone, I'd like to take you out on a date and when the whole pandemic situation calms down. She greatly appreciated it and agreed.

I spoke to one of my other female friends about her thoughts on it, and she thinks I should stop wasting my time and look for someone else, and just have her as a friend if I wanted to.

I'm having conflicting thoughts about it, so I was wondering what the community thinks.

TL:DR - Girl isn't comfortable talking on the phone or video chat quite yet even though we've been texting each other through the dating app and on Instagram. I said okay, but my friend thinks I should move on.

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Figured that be the case. My friend said the same thing too about being a catfish. Thanks everyone!
Girl not comfortable with video calling or phone call?
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