My crush lost interest in me and it hurts?

There was this guy whom I was interested with and he liked me too.

Recently a new girl came to our class and she is very smart and hard working. But she is also very competitive and I see that she doesn't like me because of her devaluating looks that she gives me or her competitive behavior towards me. Well, my crush started getting interested in her and fell for her. I see it by the way he looks at her (like he did at me before) or because he pays more attention to her now. I feel like it is because she is so smart and well-loved by our whole class.

I feel so devastated, everytime she looks at me, she gives me that "See? I won." look what makes me feel small, dumb, worthless and is nagging on my self esteem... I miss the old times, where it was just me and my crush... I'm also disappointed by him because I thought he really liked me. I feel like nothing that I do would make a difference because she is better than me at everything (my grades got worse) ...
My crush lost interest in me and it hurts?
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