Girls, Girls: Can you help me? Have I lost my girlfriend for good?

I am a 24 year old guy and have been dating my girlfriend for 2 years. To give a backstory of the relationship, we started dating and I took her to nice restaurants, cute dates, and it was the most amazing connection I had ever felt. A while in to the relationship I went to NYC for vacation. I brought her back this fancy fur coat from Bloomingdales because I wanted her to have something nobody around here had. Her parents saw it and forbade her from dating me since I was nothing but a “rich city boy” who would break her heart. She was devastated. Long story short, we agreed to see each other behind their back because we didn’t want to give up on us. For the last year, our relationship has been seeing each other a few times a month, talking, and texting because she is too afraid to tell her parents about us. I have always reassured her that I will wait on her and won’t push her in to telling them until she is ready. They told her if they ever found out she was dating me again, they would disown her.

Last week she texted me asking for a break. The first text said, “I have not been very fair to you. It breaks my heart because you have been the man I’ve always wanted. To help us become stronger, could we take a break and then start over? I love you more than anything in this world and I want to be fair to you. Maybe if we start over we could have a normal relationship. You have just given me the whole world and I want to make it up to you. I don’t want to lose my best friend.” A few days passed by and I texted her a Happy Thanksgiving and asked if she needed more time and she said, “ I have really missed talking to you. I feel like we should give it a little more time but please remember it’s not because of you. I love you dearly and I appreciate you messaging me more than you will ever know. I need to figure myself out and not feel like I have been taking you away from living your life.”

Have I lost her? I love her to death and want nobody but her. What should I do?
Girls, Girls: Can you help me? Have I lost my girlfriend for good?
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