Girls, are physically strong, but submissive men attractive?

I'm mainly asking this due to what I've seen on r/RoleReversal and r/gentlefemdom on Reddit. In both of these subreddits, there are plenty of dominant women and submissive men either in relationships, or wanting relationships.

The thing is, some of the guys from both subreddits don't look like how we imagine a submissive man would. Not all of them are short and skinny, or have effeminate appearances. Some of these guys are at least 6-foot, muscly, and generally masculine men. It's just that their main feminine trait is that they are submissive to women in their relationships and marriages.

The second reason why I'm asking this is because I'm a submissive man myself, although not physically strong. Once the pandemic is over, I wanna get in the dating market myself. I'm considering working out and getting into physical activity like martial arts or jogging, partially because I'm attracted to tomboyish women and women with athletic/muscular bodies. While me getting some muscle on me will make me more attractive, I worry that me wanting a woman to call the shots in a relationship will be a dealbreaker.

So I want to know what the women here think. If a man was strong and athletic, but wanted you to take the lead attractive? Are strong men who are also submissive attractive to you?
Girls, are physically strong, but submissive men attractive?
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