Is no contact the best if she friendzoned me?

I went out with her and pretty much the second month she said she wanted to be o ly friends.
We kept going out. Always expensive places and always me paying and giving her stuff and attention (yes, my bad).
Last night i tried to kiss her and again she said she could only be friends with me. Let me explain.. She shared personal stuff, i always contacted her but she replied and even expected my texts, i thought those were signals. Apparently not.
Anyway she said "we need to be a little distance between us for a while".
So i have done that no texts. After i twxted her every day. No calls. No going out not even social media (likes or comments or stories watched)
She started posting thing like she misses someone but never directly to anyone. Very common with her... No tagging or mentioning.
She has like mor e than 10k followers on her insta a gets a lotnof attentiom from that. So i dont think she will contact me.
I just think if going no contact is the best way to proceed
Is no contact the best if she friendzoned me?
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