My ex asked if I wanted to hang out then ignored me the next day?

So I'm very confused about what happened with my ex boyfriend recently. Last Saturday I text him asking how he was, and he said he was hanging out with his friends, drinking. I was at a BBQ, and he was asking how I was, if I was having fun, etc. Then he said if I wanted to hang out I could, that he wasn't too tired. I wasn't able to because I had company with me. He said that was cool and to have fun. We had been texting off and on for a few weeks, after having no contact for a month.

Well the next day I sent him a text saying how funny our texts were and that I would have loved to hang out. He didn't respond. I waited a few hours and texted him again. Still, no response.

I started to feel as if he was repeating what he had done to me in the past, blowing me off. So I called him on it. Nothing.

Why would he mess with me after we've had some nice conversations, even talking about our fun times together? It hurt me that he would do this, knowing how I felt about him. I don't want to believe he was just playing with my emotions. I mean, what if I did go to his house and hang out, then what?


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  • long has it been? because not everyone has their phone attached to them. there's a chance he's busy at work or just simply didn't bring it with him wherever he went. there are times I don't have my phone for 2-3 days...which pisses off the girlfriend greatly, but I'm not the only person like that. may others do the same.

    • Since Sat night. Long enough...

    • and you haven't had any response? then yeh, he's probably not real interested

    • Thanks for your response...I appreciate it! Can't beat a dead horse, right?

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  • In a way I think you've answered your own question. I'm sorry to say, but if he wants to be with you he will. Your contacting him, he's not doing anything. You may have put him in the spot by initiating. Remember he's your ex for a reason.

    • Don't you think he's acting selfish by doing what he did? He's leading me on and I don't appreciate it. I've already let him know how I felt about what he did..and he can't even respond to that?

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    • It's hard but you can do it. Make him feel like a jerk by improving yourself, inside and out you don't have to tell him show him. :-)

    • You're right...I'll do that... =)