Why doesn't he initiate kissing?

There is this guy I like and we have been hanging out. We have kissed a few times, but I always initiate kissing. He has said in general conversation that he is not into the random hookup thing. I am not sure if he is interested in me for a relationship though. I really like him but don't want to get my heart broken. Should I continue pursuing this or drop it to just friends?


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  • You want to dump him because he's shy? Cool. He kisses you back, right?

    • yes he kisses me back and I don't want to dump him at all I adore him. I am just afraid I am way more into him and don't want to get my heart broke

    • Then talk to him about it. Find out why he doesn't initiate. THEN put him in the friendzone if you don't like his answer.

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