Girls, Why she stare and then act upset and stare at the wall?

A girl at college I liked her , I was nervous to say hello and talk. So I often just admire from a distance. She noticed because she started looking back at me all of the time but she was also shy because she would look keep looking back and forth and acting shy and seem annoyed if I spoke to other girls.

Anyway , because I liked her a lot I decided to muscle up the courage and introduce myself to her. Two weeks later I saw her on the way to class.

I was shy and lost my words , and didn’t know what to say. So I asked if I could walk with her. She was nice and we spoke on our way in and wished me happy birthday.

But she knew why I had introduced myself. Every lunch we would sit together and she seemed really shy type of girl. After a few months she would play hot and cold which confused me. she would wait for me in the canteen expecting me to come sit with and her friends. I would compliment her a lot.

I found out she had a boyfriend, she was playing hot and cold and didn’t tell me. So I avoided her for 3 months she didn’t see me at all. When I returned she was shocked to see me and stared and we both smiled to ourselves in class. Then she saw me laughing and joking with my friends and was staring at me in my eyes and started staring at the wall with her hands on her chest like she was hurt and wasn’t paying attention to class.

why did she stare when I was joking to my friends and then stare at the wall she was playing hot and cold? and I didn’t see her for 3 months.
Girls, Why she stare and then act upset and stare at the wall?
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