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Girls, is the "DTR Talk" always necessary?

Hello. I (29M) have been seeing this girl (27) for the past five months. We met through mutual friends, everything has been going great and has felt very organic. We've said that we really like each other, hang out a lot, have gotten physically intimate, etc. She's told some of her friends that we've been seeing each other and I've told some of my friends as well. I like how things have been very natural but I feel like we need to have a talk to move things along and kind of make things official. However, I'm a little skeptical about bringing up the subject because 1) I don't want to put any pressure on what we have and 2) fear of her not wanting a relationship as that is what I want. So my question is should we have the "DTR Talk" ASAP or should I continue to let things progress as they have been? Thank you.
Girls, is the "DTR Talk" always necessary?
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