Extrovert dating an extreme Introvert. Can this work?

I love to go hiking, go outside, go to thrift stores, rock shops, music stores, grab errands, get coffee. My boyfriend likes to only stay inside & be on the computer. I always go off & do things alone, & he always asks about my day & how it was, but he never wants to come with. Are we doomed?

i’ve probably asked 5 or 6 times now if he wants to come out on the weekend boating or camping or such, just us, & he always wants to be at home on computer instead doing his own thing. I’ve been very lonely lately & I think it’s wearing on me.

The most we do is eat dinner together like once a week, & he thinks that’s enough.

I really do love him & im constantly getting him gifts from my trips or supporting him, but I think for him hanging 2/3 times a week at his house is enough. (While he’s on computer). What do I do?

We’ve only just recently started watching Netflix together instead of being on computer so I still feel odd.

Also, he's pretty low on affection but claims to be 100% content. I feel like im too much? How can I fix this?
Extrovert dating an extreme Introvert. Can this work?
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