Guys, how long would your patience last with a "High Maintenance" Girl?

Girls, Are you "High Maintenance"?

According to Joshua Sigafus, here are the signs of a "High Maintenance" Girl...

She’s Self-Obsessed
She Cares About What Other People Think
She Believes That She’s ‘Settling’ For You
She Treats You Like An Errand Boy
She Doesn’t Care About Your Timeline
She Doesn’t Have Many Good Female Friends
She’s Needy
She’s Controlling
She’s Not A Deep Thinker
She Makes Everything About Her
She is not happy with surprise gifts, she has to control the purchase.

Angelina Gupta"s definition of a "High Maintenance" Girl...

She has a constant "Sense of Urgency". She has to have something "right now!"
She has a "Sense of Entitlement". She deserves more than others, or at least deserves it sooner
She is "Not Self-Sufficient". She relies on you to fulfill her needs
She "Cannot Let Go". If she perceives that you have "wronged her" in any way, she is not soon to let you forget it.
She is an "Attention Please" girl. Your focus is to be constantly on her and if not then there is something wrong with you that needs to be fixed.
She is a "Drama Queen". The drama in her life, and now yours, never ends.
She has a "Closed Mind". She does not want you suggesting that there is anything that she can "do better". She is already perfect and that is what you should be focusing on.
She "Criticizes Your Dressing Style". You belong to her and are a part of her image around others, you must dress as stylishly as she does.
And speaking of Dressing Style, you can expect a big percentage of finances to be going toward keeping hers up to date.
She "Takes Forever" to get ready
She "Can Never Be Pleased". There is always something wrong that can never be fixed but she still expects you to try.
You are her "Personal Chauffeur".
"Materialistic" things make her happy - Temporarily
"She never shares" expenses, that is what you are for, of course

You have got to watch and listen to Mr Toby's music video "High Maintenance Woman". It is funny ... I AM NOT KIDDING! PLEASE!
OMG! YES! I was in a relationship with a girl once who fit many of those descriptions to a T, and I did finally lose patience with her!!
No, I am a very patient guy and just love my "High Maintenance" Girl
Yes, I am a "High Maintenance" Girl
Yes, I have a couple of those qualities but I don't think they are the ones that really make me a "High Maintenance" Girl
No, I am not at all a "High Maintenance" Girl
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Guys, how long would your patience last with a "High Maintenance" Girl?
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