Is it wrong that I don't take men seriously?

We all know that by nature men are lust driven creatures and generally care less about relationships then women. I am clearly not speaking for all women but I am speaking for myself I know the true nature of men and how they view women as sex objects and only see women as a physical pleasure and are only interested in 2 things beauty and sex and Men love with conditions they do not love unconditionally like women which is why most men are more eager to cheat/leave there wives or significant others whenever they become bored and less attracted to their women when they "let themselves go" and everyone knows that men get very bored easily which is why they struggle with commitment issues far more than women and they are naturally more polyamorous than women because they like variety of women and they are never single as they claim to be men are never single as soon as you break up with them there are already in a four-month relationship lol.

Men do not love they Lust which I'm not saying that any of these Behavioral manners in men are a problem but I am just speaking the truth about men and that men are going to be men so once women come to the realization of this and understand that they will never be the only woman that men want, then they will be able to play men at their own game and exercise their hypergamy by dating multiple men at once so just in case there "main serous" relationship ends then they already have multiple spare tires to go by being that men do the very same thing all of the time which is why they are more than likely to get over relationships a lot quicker than women because they already have backup women that they were already dating while they were with their main chick or their wives so when women start taking men less seriously and not putting anything past a man regardless of who he is or how much she loves or trust him, then she will be more comfortable with being polyamorous and knowing that men are going to be men.
Is it wrong that I don't take men seriously?
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