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The woman I loved changed?

There was this girl who was in my class in high school. She was the most fun, bubbly girl who unfortunately was looked down by everyone and made fun of but she remained sweet and kind through all what I really loved about her. Her appearance was a bonus but she was different personality wise from all the girls I knew, that‘s what really stood out about her. We were together in class til senior year, I had a huhe crush on her that turned in love over time. I was too shy back then and only watched her from afar. After graduation, I still thought about her and was very much in love, stalked her a bit on social media to see what she wad doing. Then after year we saw each other again in a Cafe, but she seemed different. She also looked different, gained weight and just looked miserabel. She seems more cold, anxious and distant now, I don’t recognize her anymore. We did a little Smalltalk and then she left again, it was just a short minute. I tried not to make my shocked reaction too noticeable and behaved friendly but I asked myself during the convo what just happened. I was and am still very heartbroken seeing her like this when I think about how she was back then …
I don’t know how I feel about her anymore but seeing her like that … I feel more bad for her now than love …

What do you think? …
The woman I loved changed?
The woman I loved changed?
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