Girl strategy advice, please?

Hey, everyone. I need advice. I'm interested in a girl (seriously interested), and I want to date her. (Or "court" or whatever you call it.). She likes me (or tolerates me) and she enjoys talking to me.

But she's smitten by another man. She fell for him over a year before she met me. He likes her, too, but he isn't doing anything about it. So she's still completely single and just waiting and twiddling her thumbs (as is he, apparently).

Objectively, he's a better catch than I am. And she's already attracted to him. (Whereas she hasn't met me yet.). However, I don't really know what his character is or what his relationship skills would be, so I may in fact have an edge on him there. Because I'm pretty confident that I am a good person, and I would care for her well.

At this point, what would be the best course of action for me to take? Should I go ahead and make a "pitch" and tell her why I think I would be good for her? Or should I keep my mouth shut and just let the situation play out and see what happens with the other dude and see if he ever makes a move (which could be 4 or 5 years; who knows)?

She's a great person, and she has pretty much all the qualities I'm looking for in a partner. It would be a shame to lose her. But I'm a good sport and I understand that no one is entitled to anyone else, and if she ends up with the other guy... well then that's just the way things were meant to be.
Girl strategy advice, please?
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Thanks everyone for your responses. I really appreciate it. A lot of good analysis and good questions.
Girl strategy advice, please?
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