Should I wait or move on? What should I do?

Hello, I am just new here in United States, speciffically in Tennessee. To be honest, I have no intention on dating someone since I am focusing more on work and career and trying to establish myself first. I am 22 years old. Out of nowhere this girl ask me out in the gym. To keep the story short we dated for a month and half. We already asked each other what our intentions are, which is to have a realtionship in the future.

Then At some point she said she needs some space first because she had an exam. We planned a date after the exams but some events happened... because planned party, she lost her wallet. Then the folowwing day, she needs to help her mom. So I gave her those days even some of those are our date night. Well, she insisted to transfer the date on a specific date again. Well for me, I think it would best if on a later week since she had a lot of stuff going on. But she insisted. Then that day, still she cancel it.

Since then, she was distancing her self. I confronted her that I feel one sided because I am always engaging especially after the week she cancel our dates. And then at some point I always confronted her which, I admit, which wrong because i am seeking assurance and validation that she should would not leave because I already feel in love and got attached. I did that because, again the situation. I become emotional and I should have handle it better. Even though that being said she replies,

she really likes me
she was dating no other guys besides me ( i told her about only the 1 date type of guy i am),
she was being mental funk
She has a lot of things going on
I am a potnetial and She wants me to be hers.

She promises to talk to me more. But that's not the case for me. My problem is why are you distancing yourself? I told her my intuitive is be his Boyfriend.
Still after all of this she was distancing her self. I gave her some space...
Then now she said. she doesn't want to date me anymore and she would be bad girlfriend for me. 🥲
Should I wait or move on? What should I do?
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